automated payment and management parking solution

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Your parking solution for fully automated payment and management. Maximize your hotel parking revenue with one simple-to-use platform. ParkingSuite has everything you need to transform your parking experience.

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Parking Solutions

Parking Suite provides proprietary parking hardware and software systems needed to manage your parking infrastructure.

Low Up-Front
Hardware Costs

Parking equipment is expensive and challenging to support and maintain. ParkingSuite eliminates the upfront capital investment with our innovative revenue-sharing model that gives the hotel the latest parking hardware and software with no upfront costs.


The ParkingSuite cloud-based parking solution manages all of your parking needs. From self-parking garage platforms to ticketless mobile valet systems. We provide you one easy-to-use dashboard to see and control everything.


Parking should be looked at in the same way we look at hotel rooms with standard measurements like Occupancy, RevPaS (Revenue Per Available Space) and ADR (Average Daily Rate) being used to measure the effectiveness of your parking assets.

Cloud based parking solution

One Place To Manage
All Your Parking

Manage and track parking form one easy to use cloud-based platform. Our platform also allows you to manage multiple locations for easy and painless management.

Cloud Based Admin

Track parking revenue and car count hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly to spot trends and find opportunities.

Manage Rates / Discounts

Manage rates in real-time to maximize your parking revenue. Create discount codes to incentivize group business

Staff Parking Management

Manage staff parking – ensure proper adherence to hotel policy

hotel parking solution

Parking Suite

We designed our solution from the ground up to meet the high demands and safety
requirements of hotels with very different needs and requirements than traditional
parking garages.

Advanced Parking Hardware

Lower Capital Cost

Cloud Based Management

Increase Revenue

mobile app or mobile web

Parking Suite Self-
Parking Platform

The innovative parking suite platform creates a safe, fast, frictionless parking experience for guests. From the moment they arrive at your parking lot to the moment they leave.

Contactless Parking

Guests self-manage parking with our simple to use a contactless app.


Guests have the option of using the Parking Suite App or going completely mobile web which eliminates the need to download an app.

Apple / Google Pay

One-click checkout through mobile pay.

QR Code

Guests scan QR code at entrance and exit.


Parking Valet Platform

Make your valet parking paperless and contactless with our SMS Valet parking platform. Our SMS Valet parking solution makes it easy for the valet to register guests vehicles and also to reduce the time and chance for payment loss by handling all of the parking payments through mobile

Bye-Bye Tickets

The ParkingSuite Valet platform manages your valet business completely through mobile.


Our proprietary Geo-Location platform marks a vehicle location for accessing the guest’s vehicle quickly.

24/7 Guest Support

Don’t leave your guests waiting and getting frustrated’. We answer their support calls anytime.

Upgrade Your Outdated
Parking Hardware

Replace your outdated parking hardware with our Parking Suite Smartbox technology which securely manages the entry and exit points for your self-parking garages and lots.

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Modern parking solutions for the real world. We designed Parking Suite from the ground up specifically to meet the high demands of parking lot owners